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1957 Cal Look Beetle

All original body to the car : Fenders, doors, decklid, hood, and of course pan! There is a perfect 2 stage Urethane paint base coat and cleat coat. Original pop-outs, original vent trim pieces. All new cut door windows and windshield.

All the rubbers comes from Wolsfburg West Rechromed vent wings, posts, door handles, hood handle, and T handle, Stainless steel body moldings and running boards moldings. Triple chrome Wolfsburg West bumper / Empi push bars. Powder coated bumper brackets and hardware. Fan is powder coated with gloss black. Gas tank and engine tin are painted, sanded and buffed with all urethane paint. .

The front beam is narrowed and powder coated in gloss black.
Four wheel disks brakes. .
CB performance dropped spindles.
Original 4.5 and early deep 6 Porsche Fuchs wheels chromed and painted with detailed Porsche caps. .
New tires: 135 R 15 for the front and 205/70 R 15 for the rear. .
Powder coated seat frames gloss black. .
Vinyl seats and door panels with moldings. .
German cloth headliner oatmeal colored squareweave. .
Carpet with cloth beading. .
Refurbished speedometer and Rechromed dash pieces. .
Batwing gloss black steering wheel with gloss black steering column.
Gene Berg locking shifter. .

Transmission rebuilt by Rancho Performance transaxles. .
4.37 ring and pinion.
3.80 1st, 2.06 2nd, 1.48 3rd, 1.14 4th.
Superdiff welded 3rd and 4th.
HP side cover HP Cross shaft.
Polished short axles and solid mounts. .
Welded and gusted case. .

Engine 78 x 90.5.
78mm Pauter 8 doweled wedgemated Crankshaft.
Rimco Super rods.
90.5 Cima pistons power sleeved with Total seal rings.
Morris 408s Camshaft.
Straight cut cam gear.
Heads ported and polished by Chris Tool 42 x 37.5mm Manley stainless steel valves.
Dual valves springs and relocated psark plugs holes. .
Tall intake manifolds ported and polished to match.
48 IDA’s with 33mm venturies.
1 5/8 Merged exhaust.
Full flox oiling, with oil sump Dog house cooler.
Fram oil filter with Gene Berg pump cover.
Stainless steel oil and gas lines.
High pressure fuel regulator.
Holley fuel pump.
Large 8mm fiting welded in the gas tank.
Custom breather box.
Bolt on valve covers.
Kennedy Clutch with Gene Berg disc.
009 Ditributor electronic.
12 volt Bosch alternator.

Asking $39,995.00

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West Coast Classic Restoration

The California Coast - Sun, Surf & Palms...Stay Cool!
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