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1963 15 Window bus

This 1959 15 window deluxe was restored by the owner. He did a total restoration using good places for the work. The paint is the original colors of Sealingwax red and Beige grey for the body. The wheels and bumpers were done Silver white as they would have been originally. The interior is also what it would have been in 1963. The seats and panels are Besalt grey and Silver beige. The middle seat has the nice original grab handle and the rear seat has the original aluminum luggage bar along with the aluminum bars around the windows, (jail bars as they are called). The headliner is the Grey wool and has all the coat hooks and strap. The floors are the new original style floor mats. The rear is Grey German sq weave carpet. This bus was totally striped before paint. The entire drivetrain has been rebuilt. The transmission, engine and front suspension. This bus is a very good driver. The body was all assembled with new rubber everywhere. The outside body moldings are the new Wolfsburg West ones along with the rocker moldings. The front bumper has the moldings but, the rears have not been installed in these pictures. The inside latches are all new for the pop out side windows.


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