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1961 15 Window Deluxe Bus

Driver/Show Car!!

Very nice but no too nice to drive!! Very high quality paint. The owner chose 1958 colors when doing this 1959. The 61 should have a "beige gray" top color instead of chestnut brown. The only complaint I have about the paint is they should have painted the front floor. You can see it's is good condition so why not paint it. Well, for the new owner that can be rectified real easy. After the paint of course all the rubber seals were replaced.

The interior is all new. The white cloth headliner is still stain free. The seats and panels are Gray/Ivory. Black German carpets are used on the floors. All the side window frames are chrome plated along with the front door frames. The front Safari windows are chromed also, as the front and rear bumper. I can't say the interior is perfect because the seat covers are not so nice. New but not like WCCR. Luckily the car's price will leave room for some upgrades which will make this a real nice bus. The side pop out windows have the big spoon latches.

Mechanically I am impressed. It's been lowered the correct way so you don't loose the nice ride. No bouncy bounce!! Corners well and stops great with the front disc brake job. The 1915cc engine is 12 volt and has real nice power. Not a 1/4 mile car but very nice highway car. 75mph +. Steering is very nice at high speed also. Not all over the place. The rear suspension has been modified to a beetle so hence the 75mph + ability. The wheels are polished 5 spoke EMPI's. The body molding is still the original. Not as shiny as new but nice to be original. The rear window is also a Safari where it opens for lots of fresh air. No need for A/C..

I test drove this bus today and I was impressed. Not scary or all over the road. Most anyone can make one of these look decent but, usually mechanically it's not so hot. This one drives real nice. This bus has a big stereo also. Boom boom

Price is Asking $38,000.00

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