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Show Car 1957 VW Beetle Convertible

Hot VW Magazine article August 2017 Ultra Maroon New Red Leather interior Brown Canvas top and boot Honey Brown German carpet Tan German Stretch Wool Headliner All original fenders, Front hood, Deck Lid Etc. European Bumpers with guards Chrome trim for convertible top All original metal IE: Restored inside mirror Custom Exhaust

ACCESSORIES 2332cc Engine Monster Tach Berg Shifter Hull Front seat recliners Chrome inside hood release Washer fluid bottle Porsche Fuchs Original (not repro) Heart tail light assemblies Rally Dash (not hooked up) Steering wheel and horn ring Door grab handles OG Mirrors Two ash trays 4 Wheel disk brakes Red anodized Calipers Original for the year VW Motorolla (Big M) Radio Reserve fuel lever Clock in glove box Front Fog Light Steering column mounted clock Dash Grab handle VOLKSBAGGIN KEY FOB Dual rear ash trays

ENGINE 22756CC Builder Jake Eagleson, CA Crank: 82mm Scat counterweight Rods: Scat Forged H-Beam 5.5 inch Cylinders & Pistons: 94mm Cima Rings: Total seal Cam Engle W-130 .419 Lift, 308 Duration Oil Pump: Gene Berg Heads: VW ported & polished by Jeff Denham Valve Sixes: 44mmx37.5mm Compression ratio: 9.0:1 Rockers Autocraft 1.25:1 Ignition: Vertex magneto Carboration: Weber 48IDAs Jay Cee stacks Intake Manifolds: Jay Cee Exhaust System: AA 1 5.8 inch Stainless steel Flywheel: VW 12 lbs. Clutch: Kennedy Stage 2 Other Mods: Straight cut cam gears, Chromoly pushrods, Jay Cee carb linkage, pulleys, fuel pump, oil filter, etc. Scat fan shroud, etc.

TRANSAXLE Transaxle: Type 1 swing Builder: Shan Rancho Trans axles R&P: 4.12 Gear ratios: 3.78 1st, 206 2nd, 1.26 3rd, .89 4th. Special mods: Pro street options, Super Diff, Aluminum Side covers, Heavy duty axles, chrome axle tubes, Jay Cee spring plate retainers, polished hardware, polished ribes.

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