1957 Beetle

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1957 Beetle Agave Green

This 57 Beetle that has been semi restored. Unfortunately the paint is an armature job. It is the original color Agave Green. The trunk area is still original paint. The gas tank is the original gray. No accidents in the front. The front hood is cracked where they always crack when someone tries to close it without releasing the latch. The inside paint is also original. The dash is very nice. The original steering wheel is in good condition. The seats front and rear are original cloth for a 56-57 Beetle if it was European. This car was not European because it does not have semaphore directionals. The previous owner wanted it to look European[ean by changing the bumpers to the Euro type. On the front they did not fill the holes the overrider tubes went in the body. The door panels are just tipycle TMI panels. The headliner has been changed and is beautifully. The carpet in the rear of the car is original oatmeal German sq weave. The transmission is the original split case one which is original. The engine is the 36hp 20cc that runs good. The car is still 6volt. The floor has had the battery area changed. The rest of the floor is very good. There is some rust to speak of in the corners on for floor.(see pics). This car is what I consider a driver base car.
Asking $7,500.00

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