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I want one!!!!!

Better than new!!!!!
Patrick Patterson's 1954 Deluxe
Restoration by West Coast Classic Restoration

Vintage Restoration is the back bone of our business.

We started this company on our ability to perform "total restorations." We are a "one stop" restoration shop. We do not farm out! We house our own paint shop, upholstery shop, mechanics, etc. Also 12 years experience.

We pride ourselves in knowing what's correct for you particular car. If we don't know, we ask!

You can watch the magical transformation right on-line. When we are finished with your car we will give you a cd disc with the entire restoration on it. We are not afraid to show how we restore your car. We open our web site and our door to any potential customer.

Many of the cars we have restored have been "show winners". Here is a list of magazine features of VW'S restored by West Coast Classic Restoration.

"Stylin 63" in Oct. 1988 "Hot VW"
"Stylin 63" Summer 89 Hot VW "How to restore your VW
"Lenny Copp's 59 Ghia CV" Nov. 1992 "Hot VW"
"Great Lakes Ghia" July 2001 "Hot VW"
"West Coast Classics" in "International Vintage VW Newsletter"