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 2004 WCCR's party and OCTO. 

What a great time we had. We want to thank everyone that came to our open house. I would guess over 500 people were here. The food line went into the shop and ended at the upholstery shop and went until 10pm. Joe Ruiz and Maya with help from Melissa and Jerry Jess got everyone fed. Barbra Malamut brought 3 big buckets of chili which lasted a couple hours. Lenny made about 6 cakes which hit the spot after all the other goodies. Once again we had no problems and nothing missing which is incredible with a crowd this big. Ok, a few tee shirts were not paid for but, that's about it.

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vwclassic2004-1.jpg vwclassic2004-2.jpg vwclassic2004-3.jpg vwclassic2004-4.jpg vwclassic2004-5.jpg
vwclassic2004-6.jpg vwclassic2004-7.jpg vwclassic2004-8.jpg vwclassic2004-9.jpg vwclassic2004-90.jpg
vwclassic2004-91.jpg vwclassic2004-92.jpg vwclassic2004-93.jpg vwclassic2004-94.jpg vwclassic2004-95.jpg
vwclassic2004-96.jpg vwclassic2004-97.jpg vwclassic2004-98.jpg vwclassic2004-99.jpg vwclassic2004-990.jpg
vwclassic2004-991.jpg vwclassic2004-992.jpg vwclassic2004-993.jpg vwclassic2004-994.jpg vwclassic2004-995.jpg
vwclassic2004-996.jpg vwclassic2004-997.jpg vwclassic2004-998.jpg vwclassic2004-999.jpg vwclassic2004-9990.jpg
vwclassic2004-9991.jpg vwclassic2004-9992.jpg vwclassic2004-9993.jpg vwclassic2004-9995.jpg vwclassic2004-9996.jpg
vwclassic2004-9997.jpg vwclassic2004-9998.jpg vwclassic2004-9999.jpg vwclassic2004-99991.jpg vwclassic2004-99992.jpg
vwclassic2004-99993.jpg vwclassic2004-99994.jpg vwclassic2004-99995.jpg vwclassic2004-99996.jpg vwclassic2004-99997.jpg
vwclassic2004-99998.jpg vwclassic2004-99999.jpg vwclassic2004-999994.jpg vwclassic2004-999995.jpg vwclassic2004-999998.jpg

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